The enchanting beaches of Kassandra

The enchanting beaches of Kassandra


Kassandra, the first peninsula of Chalkidiki is renowed for its miles of glorious beaches, extending along the coastline. The beaches are characterized by the long expanses of golden sand, the turquoise, crystal clear waters and the pine trees that often reach all the way down to the sea. Many of them have been repeatedly awarded with blue flags for their high quality standards.

In Kassandra you can find beaches for every taste: some packed with people and music, with bars and water sports, others quiet, almost deserted. Some with deep water (mosty at the southern tip of the peninsula), where divers can explore the mysterious worlds below, others with shallow water where children can safely play.

We present you a list of the most beautiful beaches of Chalkidiki’s first peninsula. Choose the ones you want to explore and find your own holiday paradise!

(Source: http://www.halkidiki-hotels.gr/portal.php?action=beach/beaches/kassandra&language=US&menu=EXPLORE )

Agios Mamas
Sandy beach, sufficiently organised, that is extended in length of a few kilometres. It is situated in front of the homonymous village.

Nea Potidea
Situated in front of the homonymous village, this beach is enormous, sandy and fully organised. It is the connected to the beach of Agios Mamas. It has all kinds of restaurants, bars and facilities for water sports.

The east side of Kassandra

This side offers a great variety of sublime beaches. It is favoured by mild weather, because it’s protected by Chalkidiki’s 2nd “leg”. Most of the times you will find the water warm, clean and calm and perfecly safe to swim in, even for toddlers. It’s no wonder that many people of Northern Greece  have actually learned how to swim in one of Chalkidiki’s child-friendly beaches! Most of them are organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, cafes and shops along the shore. Here you can find some of the trendiest beach bars. From this side you can also enjoy the best sunrises or better find your favorite spot and watch the moon rise on a full moon. Unforgettable!

Nea Fokea
The beach, in front of the settlement is sandy and idyllic. It has restaurants and taverns.

There are two beaches, one in each side of the village. They are small, with spotless sea. There are restaurants and bars on both of them.

Sandy beach with spotless sea, in front of the homonymous settlement. It has bars, restaurants and facilities for water sports. It is the starting point of the Toroneos annual cross-channel swimming race.

The beach in front of the village, also named “Pigadakia”, has thin sand and spotless sea. Here you can find cafes and facilities for water sports.

Wide, sandy and fully organised beach, in front of the homonymous village. It gets very crowded during summer. It has all kinds of restaurants, bars and facilities for all water sports.

Wide, sandy and fully organised beach, in front of the homonymous village. In the summer it’s packed with visitors. It has facilities for all water sports and all kinds of restaurants and  bars nearby. It stands out for the beautiful green parks right behind the shore.

Wide, sandy and fully organised beach. It gathers crowds of visitors and has all kinds of restaurants, bars and water sports facilities.

Enormous beach, one of the most beautiful in Kassandra, with sand and thin gravel. At the end of it there is a lagoon. It also has a beach bar.

Otherwise known as Kanavitsa or Chrousso (from the name of the oldsettlement). It is a dreamy sandy beach with pine-trees all around. On the beach, which is quite long, there are hotels, restaurants and beach bars, as well as water sports facilities.

The west side of Kassandra

This side is open to the Thermaikos gulf, so the weather here is more windy and you have more chances to meet cool waves for the children to play with. Most of the beaches on this side are more appealing to those who seek peace and quite. Nevertheless, there are several crowded places where  you can party all day long. This side offers the best sunset views and on a clear day, you can enjoy views to Mount Olympus.

Sani is renowned for it’s fully organized marina. In the coast of Sani there are plenty smaller beaches (at both sides of the Tower of Stavronikita Monastery Property). All of them are sandy and provide all comforts to the bathers (restaurants, bar and all kinds of water sports). In the region, there once was the ancient town Sani of Pallini, built by migrants from Eretria. Up to the Roman years, it was one of the most flourishing cities of Chalkidiki.

The old Kassandria’s fishing port is today a seasonal small settlement around a beautiful, sandy beach with restaurants and bars.

The beach is at a location called “Skala” and assembles crowds of people in the summertime. It is sandy and has all comforts for the visitors (restaurants, beach bars and water sports facilities ).

Immense, spotless, organised, sandy beach, in front of the homonymous settlement. It has restaurants, bars and facilities for all kinds of water sports.

Mola Kalyva
Most beautiful, sandy beach, with the marvelous pinewood forest of Kassandra as the background .

Nea Skioni
Beautiful, sandy and organised beach, in front of the picturesque village with the small marina.

Loutra Agias Paraskevis
Beautiful, sandy and quiet beach, 2 km away from the village of Agia Paraskevi, renowned for the thermal baths. It has small taverns.

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